Things To Be Done Before Letting Your House Out


There is a greater demand for houses on rent than ever before and if you have a house to rent, you can earn a decent income every month. However, before renting your house out, you should realize that some unforeseen expenses might crop up and you should be prepared to meet them.


House Repairs



Anything can go wrong with your house and you should be prepared to repair any damage to your house on time. You need to set aside a separate fund for this purpose. Keeping something like $ 5, 000 in hard currency will help you to carry out minor repairs on time. You may sometimes have to initiate legal proceedings against tenantswho don’t pay their rent. Legal proceedings are costly and time consuming. Remember to keep a reasonable amount of money for that likelihood too.






If your tenants get injured in accidents while being on your property, you will be held liable to pay compensation. Therefore, take addition insurance so that compensation for injuries to tenants, if any, will be paid by the insurance company.



Choose Your Tenants



All tenants are not the same. Some are cooperative while others create problems. Your house may be vandalized and no rent may be paid. To be on the safe side, check the background of people who want to rent your house. Rent your house only to people who have a clean record and are trustworthy.



Appoint a Manager



There are agencies who manage everything related to property rentals for a fee of 10 % of rental income. This is a negligible amount compared to trouble they take to manage the rented property. The house owner need not worry about anything. Appointing a manager will be very convenient if your rental house is far away from where you live.



The rent you get may not be a very big sum but something is better than nothing. If luck is on your side, the income you get in the form of rent will be higher than what you expected.


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